With India speeding down the path of economic progress, the focus is now on the development of its infrastructure along globallybenchmarked standards. This is being spurred by a sharp rise in rural-to-urban migration, with urban populations growing by as much as 46%. Rising income levels and economic prosperity are in turn likely to drive a significant demand for infrastructural support and investment in India over the next 25 years, in order to keep pace with planned levels of growth.

The MGF Group sees this as a timely opportunity, and is thus gearing itself to deliver high-quality infrastructural projects in the near future. Deeply committed to helping the nation realise its objectives in this sector, MGF Developments Ltd plans to develop a host ofinfrastructure projects – from roads and super-highways to ports and bridges, along with sources for renewable energy. We shall render all allied services – right from conception to planning and execution to project delivery – thereby building on our mission of creating value.