MGF Developments Ltd has healthy investments in retail, commercial and residential real estate. Our geographical reach, as much as our financial worth, continues to expand through strategic investments in high-growth sectors across India.

We create value that is built to last. We do this, by investing in businesses where our capital, key partnerships, deep understanding of markets, strategic acumen, operational efficiency and technical expertise can all drive transformation. This helps us optimise on India’s immense growth potential.

At MGF, we first identify and acquire key land locations through the adoption of best practices internationally. We then develop premium real estate products across various categories with the help of experienced professional teams. Our emphasis at all stages on technological advances and techniques, along with performance standards and excellence in service quality, continues to create value for all our customers and stakeholders.


A series of path-breaking real estate reforms have gone a long way in contributing to this:

  • With the passing of the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) Bill, consumer confidence has risen again - along with the Indian Real Estate Transparency ranking going up globally.
  • Reforms in Retail FDI, such as the relaxation of entry-exit and sourcing norms for single brand retailers, are likely to provide a sharp impetus for its demand.
  • 100% FDI is being allowed in construction, coupled with simplified transfer processes, relaxation in minimum areas and capitalisation norms and easy exit routes.
  • Ease of doing business has gone up significantly, with single-window clearance systems, e-tenders and online approvals.
  • The ‘Smart Cities’ urban renewal and retrofitting scheme has a mission to develop 100 cities, making them more sustainable and citizen-friendly.

At MGF Developments Ltd, we’re actively seeking potential partners who have vision, a promising business model and a proven track record of growth.

MGF Strengths:

  • Debt-free Company
  • Strategic Investments in India and Overseas
  • Part of the MGF Group Established in 1930
  • 3000 Acre Landbank

We aim to target strategic mid-to-long-term investments in our domain of demonstrated expertise: real estate and infrastructure. With our rich experience, portfolio of projects, expert personnel and an extensive land bank that can be matched by few, we feel that we are uniquely placed for strategic partnerships in real estate and infrastructure. By providing business insights, aligning incentives, building operational efficiencies and strengthening corporate governance, we believe we can continue to create lasting value. For us, our partners and our customers.